With a first-of-its kind, intuitive online interface, Onoxa empowers entrepreneurs to create unique samples in seconds, order their complete line in minutes and begin selling their custom brand in just days. Furthermore, a customized sample kit of high-end skincare products, unique logo design and all, is currently offered to new customers for $10 just to try the service.

“Our goal at Onoxa is to make it super-simple for individuals to create a personalized skincare line without having to source products overseas or become a ‘consultant’ for a big corporation. We explored all the angles and came up with an online platform that is easy to use and eliminates the roadblocks that small and medium-sized business owners often experience,” said Alex Kombos, VP at Onoxa.

After testing the samples, customers can order a complete line of fully-branded products even faster as their branding and existing labels are saved in their profile. Unlike traditional private labeling, which comes with high minimum order requirements, which translates to high upfront cost & risk for the customer, Onoxa custom labels as few as 24 products per order and as low as $9.99 per item. Beauty entrepreneurs, salon & spa owners, dermatologist offices, and other skin care professionals can begin selling beautiful, branded products at 300%-600% margins without the risk of sitting on excessive inventory or having their profitability hampered by low margins.

“When someone decides to work with Onoxa, they’re taking control over how they do business. We don’t tell you where you can or cannot sell your products. We don’t set a minimum advertised price. We don’t demand that you meet a quota or recruit other sales representatives. We provide high-quality products that entrepreneurs can proudly put their name on and sell in whatever way works best for them,” said Kombos.

The products themselves are luxury-grade formulations made for beauty professionals who know skincare and can be proud to attach their brand to the products. Onoxa’s safe, effective products are manufactured in their facility in Saint Petersburg Florida, using top-of-the line skin savers like hyaluronic acid and bakuchiol which is a natural version of retinol without the drying effect, as well as other natural ingredients like aloe vera and chamomile.

Greg Shuey, CEO of Stryde, an innovative ecommerce agency commented: “The United States has a thriving $17B skincare market. Onoxa is a true disruptor in this industry, just like Vistaprint was for print services, as it streamlines production and creates costs savings passed along to the customer. This way millions of small businesses and entrepreneurs have the unique opportunity to quickly and easily create their own skincare line with an investment less than $400.”

About Onoxa:
Onoxa is a skincare manufacturer and online service that sells private label skincare products directly to Retail & e-Commerce businesses. The process & platform are the first-of-its-kind providing a faster, better and more accessible service than standard private label offerings.