• Pasco Tax Collector’s Offices Raised Over $5800 to Benefit NAMI of Pasco

    During the month of April NAMI of Pasco (National Alliance on Mental Illness) was the featured charitable organization of the month at the Pasco County Tax Collector’s Office. NAMI of Pasco is an all-volunteer chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness. NAMI of Pasco’s goal is to help those with mental illness live better lives through education, support, advocacy and increasing awareness of the myths and facts surrounding mental illness.

    “More than 26,000 mailer inserts educating residents about NAMI-Pasco were sent out with April License renewals in Pasco County,” states Doug Webster, President of NAMI of Pasco as well as the administrator of the Medical Center of Trinity – Behavioral Health Services program. “Staff at each of the 5 Pasco license renewal offices carried the message forward to customers encouraging contributions, developing signs, donation buckets and awareness slogans.

    “The mailing and awareness promotion on behalf of a non-profit organization by Mike Fasano and his staff at the Tax Collectors office was the biggest effort in Florida of its kind designed to inform and educate Pasco County residents about the support and education classes available for individuals and families who are affected by someone with a mental illness,” Doug Webster continued. “NAMI-Pasco, a volunteer only organization, will use the monies donated by generous Pasco residents to develop and provide informational, educational and support materials for families and individuals affected by a mental illness.”

    It is estimated that depression is more common than AIDS, cancer and diabetes combined. Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. There are many other mental illnesses that impact the lives of people both near and far away. NAMI of Pasco is here to help not only the individual who has the illness, but also family, friends and caregivers who also are impacted by mental illness.”

    “It was a blessing to support NAMI of Pasco,” states Tax Collector Mike Fasano. “I’m pleased that our agency had the opportunity to shine the spotlight on the good work Doug Webster, Gloria Strother, and all the volunteers at NAMI do for individuals with a mental illness. The value of their support for the family and friends who care for these individuals is beyond measure. Many thanks to a generous community and a giving staff for making this promotion such a success.”

    Funds that were raised during the month of April will stay in our community and will be used to offer free classes, including materials, and support groups; as well as maintaining a website, brochures and manuals, a small administrative office, and on-going training for new volunteer teachers and facilitators to conduct NAMI programs.

    The Pasco County Tax Collector’s Office supports local charitable organizations that assist residents of Pasco County. For more information about the charitable giving programs and other services at the Pasco Tax Collector’s Office please visit www.pascotaxes.com or call Greg Giordano, Assistant Tax Collector at 727-847-8179. For more information regarding NAMI of Pasco in particular please visit the website www.namipasco.org or contact NAMI of Pasco at 727-992-9653.

    [PHOTO – from left to right – Doug Webster, President of NAMI of Pasco and Administrator -Medical Center of Trinity – Behavioral Health Services; Gloria Strother – Vice President of NAMI of Pasco, Harriette Sorezza, Assistant Manager of Tax Collector’s Gulf Harbors office; Mara Stierman, office Manager of Tax Collector’s Gulf Harbors Office, Dawn Kaeler, Quality & Performance Manager – Tax Collector’s Office and Tax Collector Mike Fasano]