• Infectious Disease Outbreak

    • When: Friday, June 2nd from 1:30-4:00 PM
    • Where: Sarasota Military Academy Prep
    • Who: Sarasota Military Academy Prep students, staff, and guests
    This is the second year of our STEM project which has caught the attention of world class university, government, and private corporation personnel. These individuals have extended their willingness to speak with anyone that is interested for a story in print or on television. For more information on each person, please see below:
    • Dr. Pardis Sabeti: One of Time’s People of the Year and Most Influential People in the World, Harvard Professor and Computational Geneticist of Sabeti Lab.


    The Scientists

    Pardis Sabeti

    • Tamara Robertson: Cellular Biologist, Science Channel’s Mythbusters the Search Finalist, and recently adopted into the Marvel Universe as part of Genius In Action Research Labs (G.I.R.L.)

    Alum Robertson Finalist for ‘MythBusters’ Host


    What: Campus Wide Infectious Disease Outbreak
    Sarasota Military Academy Prep has pioneered the ultimate experiential STEM project that immerses the students in a real world scenario through a campus wide infectious disease outbreak. The outbreak is student driven, involving 200 students that ‘live’ the project as they will have to detect, contain, and solve the crisis before the student body succumbs to the fatal disease. The student body is broken into the following groups: Government, Military, Triage Doctors, Epidemiologists, Media, and General Population. The scenario will mimic the historical and contemporary spread of an infectious disease in which the various groups will have to work together against the clock to stop the contagion before it kills the general population of the school campus.