• City Council of Oveido Approves Scootering at Rippin’ Riverside Skate Park Starting May 12, 2017

    Local Teenage Scooters Present Their Case to City Council Members and Get OK’d.
    OVIEDO, FL – May 11, 2017 – As of tomorrow afternoon, local youth residing in Oviedo, Florida and adjacent communities will be allowed to practice their scootering skills at the Rippin’ Riverside Skate Park every Friday afternoon from 4PM – 8:45PM. Scootering will now be officially permitted at the skate park located at 1608 Lockwood Blvd, in Oviedo, FL starting Friday, May 12, 2017 after a group of teenagers expressed their case to the city council earlier this year.  They went to the council to express how difficult it was to travel to Orlando Skate Park from Oviedo to practice their scootering skills because the skate park in Oviedo did not allow it.  Until tomorrow, only skateboarding and BMX was permitted.

    “Back in January, a young rider came to my store from Oviedo to buy a scooter. I mentioned that he was lucky to live in Oviedo because they have an awesome skate park. He mentioned to me that he and his friends actually had to drive all the way to Orlando Skate Park because the one in Oviedo did not allow scooters,” said Catherine Ojeda Figueroa, owner of Redi to Pedi Pro Scooters in Orlando.  “They had asked skate park officials numerous times to allow them to scoot, and were told they couldn’t.  So I encouraged these kids to present their case to the Oviedo City Council with scooters in hand, and they did!  It’s great that instead of complaining about the challenge they faced, they took action and made a difference. How brave of them!”

    Pro Scootering is an extreme sport that is similar to skateboarding and BMX.  It’s very popular in Europe and Australia and is starting to become a big trend in the U.S.  A World Championship is held in Barcelona, Spain, and just this past April, a regional qualifier for the North American Championship was held in Boca Raton, Florida. The North American Championship was held in Chino, California this past weekend.

    One of the local 13-year olds who participated in the council meeting is thrilled with the Oviedo City Council’s decision stating, “It means I can practice a lot more with ramps so I can get better, instead of having to drive super far to go to a skate park.”  The boy’s identity is not revealed because he is a minor.  The Rippin’ Riverside Skate Park is a 30,000 square feet lighted skate park with street course and bowls. For more information visit http://cityofoviedo.net/node/2264