• Natalya Musallam is Named Executive Administrative Assistant of WellCome OM Integral Healing & Education Center

    Spring Hill, Florida (May 12, 2017) – WellCome OM Integral Healing & Education Center announces that Natalya Musallam has been named Executive Administrative Assistant for the project. Questions about the WellCome OM project should be directed to her at Natalya.WellComeOM@gmail.com or call 352-606-2937.


    Ms. Musallam comes to WellCome OM from Auro S Management/Access Health Care, LLC, where she served as administrative assistant. She came to Access Health Care from Sunrise Community Mental Health in Everett, Washington. Ms. Musallam holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Health and Wellness from Rasmussen College and has extensive experience in community health, administrative services, and project management. Her passion for integrative health has also led her to pursue a certification in Integrated Wellness Coaching.


    “I have always had a passion for a holistic approach to health with complementary and alternative forms of medicine,” said Ms. Musallam. “When I was approached about this project, I was overjoyed and honored to be part of this amazing center. The start of this journey has been a wonderful learning experience. Every day is an opportunity to learn something new. I am grateful to work alongside the amazing group of providers and advisors we currently have on our team. Dr. Maria Scunziano-Singh’s dedication to her community and environment is truly inspiring,” she added.


    Attached photo:  Natalya Musallam


    About the Name WellCome OM


    We chose the name of the center to express the essence of health that is attained using a holistic approach. As such, we work in harmony through the scope of universal, natural and evidence-based scientific knowledge together with mind, body, and spirit to allow for a complete experience in the quest for wellness. 


    You may note that there is an intentional addition of another “l” to the word welcome to reflect and emphasize our meaning.  So, the “well” will “come” “om” (remembering home). Om, while not quite the word “home”, is a true spiritual home for many human beings.  Om is a two-letter word that has four syllables to be chanted and is highly symbolic in many religions and cultures throughout the world. Om is derived from ancient Sanskrit language that essentially captures the feel and totality of life. The intonation or song of om with its four sounds of a-u-m-silence, is a combination of sounds that when produced will vibrate several areas of the body. A sounding of om done repeatedly allows for a meditative state that can change the way one feels in a very positive way. Please note that while we are expressing complete reverence for the symbolism of om, our center is open to non-biased spiritual expression with no expectations for the public to endorse the meaning or concept.



    What’s a Bachelor’s Degree in Health & Wellness?


    Holistic Approach to Healthcare


    Prepare to promote health, preventive healthcare and individual wellness in

    a variety of settings, such as hospitals and clinics, long-term care facilities,

    insurance companies and public and community health agencies


    Leadership and Management


    Develop leadership skills that help prepare you to lead and manage effectively

    in any healthcare environment in roles like a patient services manager, care

    coordinator or clinic manager


    Public Health Insight


    Gain necessary tangible skills and provide healthcare knowledge as a public

    health educator or advocate on key public health initiatives and concerns as

    they impact communities


    Wellness Advocacy


    Learn to successfully advocate for and educate patients, families and the

    community on wellness topics as a health coach or wellness educator

    through a holistic approach that encompasses aspects of behavioral and

    physical health




    • Practices and Policies in Public Health

    • Multidisciplinary Medical Practices

    • Healthcare Advocacy

    • Health Education and Training