• Orlando Commercial Real Estate Leader John Crossman’s Book: Career Killers / Career Builders Ranks in Top One Percent on Amazon.Com Daily Titles  

    ORLANDO, Fla. –   A new book is out to help young professionals, especially millennials, avoid some common pitfalls that can cause a promising career to crash and burn or make better choices to thrive in that career.  

    John Crossman, chief executive officer of Crossman & Company in Orlando, reports that his book is now ranking among the top one percent in its category at Amazon.com.

    Crossman, who released Career Killers / Career Builders on April 7 said this makes his new book one of the most popular new business titles.

    Throughout his 25-year career Crossman has developed a solid reputation as a quiet, enthusiastic, highly ethical and entirely professional mega-deal-maker with a desire to give back. 

    Career Killers/ Career Builders emanated from his most requested speech at universities: The Top 5 Ways to Get Fired and The Top 5 Ways to Keep from Being Fired.   

    “The book is really taking off and that’s very gratifying,” Crossman said. “I’ve spent most of my business career helping college students and young professionals, and now the book is expanding that effort to thousands more,” he said.

    The book is available in both Print and EBook on Amazon.com, and at Barnes&Noble