• Tampa Bay Inventor Introduces the RHAT Bike® A Lightweight Folding Motorcycle

    Military inspired, this multi-purpose lightweight folding motorcycle premiers with a crowdfunding campaign.

    St. Petersburg, FL – April 12, 2017 Inventor Patrick Walker, a veteran US Army Scout and of the US Air Force Special Operations, recognized a “need” and set out to solve it by inventing the RHAT Bike®, the world’s first folding back-packable tactical bike. The idea was born out of Walker’s military tour of 86 months in Afghanistan witnessing the Green Berets having to purchase cheap foreign-made bikes for mission transportation.


    Motorized dirt bikes have been an integral part of military battlefields from WWII through to today’s Special Ops. However, the traditional bikes have had many limitations due to their size and weight. The RHAT Bike®, to be built using performance bicycle parts, changes that. Never being involved with bikes before, Walker designed the bikes with what he calls ‘Bike DNA’ ™, to fold and collapse for easy portability. It then fits into a backpack, making the bike completely portable. And all of the modular variants can be taken apart, pass through a 36” opening, and be reassembled quickly.

    Unlike existing bikes, kits are available to reconfigure the basic bike into a trike, reverse trike, ATV/UTV, 6x, tracked, snowmobile, etc. The bike is designed for use by anyone and everyone, from Hunters, Trail Riders, Sport/Utility, Military, Police, Rescue or anyone interested in a compact, lightweight and collapsible ‘modular cycle system’.

    Other than taking the space of a Humvee spare tire, another unique feature of the RHAT Bike® is its groundbreaking High Output Propulsion Electric motor (H.O.P.E.) invented by Walker’s friend, fellow disabled vet and inventor Larry Sadler. The H.O.P.E. will quadruple the range of a similar size bike and becomes a field generator when parked.

    Major features of the RHAT Bike® include:

    • Mobility – the bike goes where you go
    • Easy – quickly assembles on the fly
    • Compact – fits in a backpack or vehicle trunk
    • Electric motor – with onboard regenerative extended range and remote power
    • Upgradable – 25 projected kit variations
    • Reconfigurable applications to meet any need both seasonally and regionally


    Simply put, Walker feels that he and fellow inventor Larry Sadler are just veterans looking to change the world with game changing solutions via designs “that can do for cycles what the iPhone did for cell phones.” The RHAT Bike® crowdfunding campaign, https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/rhat-bike-the-lightweight-folding-motorcycle–2#/ launches April 11. For more information about the RHAT Bike®, go to www.recongear.net.