• Wheels of Success – April 2017 Update From The Road

    Connect with Us 912 Vehicles & 773 Car≠related services provided, because sometimes the Key to Success is simply… a Key!

    Update From the Road

    Success Story: Jenn
    “Getting there safely!” is a major factor in whether a victim can escape the cycle of domestic violence and become independent.
    In April 2016, Wheels placed Jenn and her son in a “new≠to≠her” 2002 Buick Century Ltd. Jenn took her key and found success! Her car helped her find a home of her own, a new job where she now makes $20 an hour, and has also returned to school. Jenn even paid her “wheels” off early. We are proud of Jenn knowing that her future is in her good hands.
    None of this would have been possible if the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay {CFTB), its Southshore donors’ families ≠ those living in Apollo Beach, Gibsonton, Riverview, Ruskin, Sun City Center and Wimauma, and Wheels of Success’ help. CTFB, www.cftampabay.org, provides funding to Wheels of Success to help

    Waiting for Wheels: Sabrena
    “Not having a car doesn’t just limit the time you have in your day,” she said. “It limits you even further, for the jobs you can get to.” Sabrena Lloyd could drive to her barista job at Tampa International Airport in 25 minutes. But she can’t afford a car, so instead the 42≠year≠old leaves her two≠bedroom apartment north of Fletcher Avenue and catches one bus, then another, then a third, looping miles out of her way. It surprised her, just how complicated it was to get to one of the region’s most popular destinations.

    When everything goes perfectly, Lloyd spends five hours a day, six days a week, getting to and from work. She’s kept it up for 2 Ω years, she loves her job, but wishes she could find something closer, or at least a way to pay for the extra care. She tallies up the hours in her head,

    Southshore families find transportation solutions they need to keep working.

    Jenn’s Past Situation
    Jenn ‘ s previous car, with 250,000 miles, had helped her take her son to daycare or doctors’ appointments and commute hours to and from work≠ replenishing quarts of oil and power steering fluid daily. Jenn knew she couldn’t rely on her car anymore after the driver side window and door stopped working. If something happened to the passenger door she would not be able to escape her car.
    “Getting there safely!” is a major factor in whether a victim can escape the cycle of domestic violence and become independent. Due to lack to reliable safe transportation Jenn, found herself homeless with an infant son. With the help of Mary & Martha house, Jenn was able to find housing in south Hillsborough away from her abuser. She still needed a safe reliable vehicle to maintain her independence and support herself and her infant son by getting to work.

    30 every week ≠ a full day that she might spend with her mom, use to run errands, or even work a second job.

    30 hours a week
    She clocks out at 7 p.m. and almost always misses the bus, unable to make it through security and down the escalators in time. The next one won’t come for another half hour. Her feet ache from her eight≠hour shift. She hasn’t eaten dinner yet. She yearns for the warmth of a shower as the temperature drops on one of the few cold nights of the year.
    At home, her 56≠year≠old mom has been alone for hours. After she lost both legs to diabetes, Medicaid began providing a nurse to watch her while Lloyd is at work. But that doesn’t cover the five to six hours Lloyd spends traveling back and forth every day.
    We Have Already $1,000 Raised and a donated car. Only $2,000 more is needed to complete the Build≠A≠Car repair and she can receive her “New to Her” Wheels.
    Read Tampa Bay Times Article Here
    You Can Help Working Families get their “Keys to Success” By Donating Today to
    Help Build≠A≠Car!
    Pay it Forward Philosophy
    Wheels of Success operates with a pay≠it≠forward philosophy. Clients receiving a vehicle “buy” it from the program by making small monthly payments for 1 year. They also donate three hours of service monthly to the program. These fees help Wheels of Success assist additional clients and allow the recipients to pay≠it≠forward.

    Upcoming Events
    R.A.C.E 2017 Friday April, 28 2017
    12:00 pm ≠ 1:15 pm
    Registration Opens at 11:00 am

    Bryan Glazer Family JCC 522 N. Howard Ave Tampa, FL 33606

    Learn More About this Event and Purchase Tickets on Our Website Click Here : http://www.wheelsofsuccess.org/

    On Point Business Showcase 2017

    Saturday April 29, 2017 at Westshore Plaza
    Join us for this one≠day event showcasing some of Tampa’s finest in business on Saturday, April 29, 2017 from 10 am ≠ 6 pm at the WestShore Plaza in Tampa. Sample, preview, buy, try, explore, book appointments and inquire about business services, technology, marketing, fashion, jewelry, home repairs, legal services, health and wellness and more!
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    Past Event
    Fulfill Your Destiny’ s 2017 Spring Chari≠Tea presented by American Momentum Bank was sold out again for the 4th year in a row and everyone had lots of fun. For the 3rd year in a row this event featured a Wheels of Success Build≠A≠Car presentation to a deserving young woman, Lyda and Teri who received her vehicle last year was there as well to let everyone know how the car has changed her life. View pictures from the event on Facebook Click Here
    Sponsor Spotlight
    The Community Foundation of Tampa Bay supports Wheels of Success with grants including the $9,000 grant that made Jenn’s car and Success Story possible along with 2 other families.
    A flurry of activity at the end of 2016 capped a record year for inspired
    giving to funds at the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay. Those contributions ≠≠ including one anonymous donation of $7.5 million ≠≠ translate to stronger support of our community now and in the years to come. Grants from these and existing funds will generate millions in the future to support education, entrepreneurship, the homeless, the hungry, the environment, the arts and so much more.

    The Community Foundation of Tampa Bay also organizes and runs the annual Give Day Tampa Bay which will once again focus attention on our area nonprofits for a 24≠hour day of fundraising and awareness on Tuesday May 2, 2017.The 2016 Give Day Tampa Bay raised more than $2.08 million for local nonprofits in one day.

    Read Complete 2016 Summary of Giving from the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay here

    Donor Spotlight
    George Stieper read about us in the Tampa Bay Times “Holiday Hopes” article about Zaneta and Willie, called our CEO and made a large donation towards their vehicle as well as committing to donating 100% of the profits from his business Making Memories. With his most recent donation of $500 towards Sabrena’s Vehicle, he has donated over $1,800 to date. George’s business Making Memories makes DVD’s from your old 8mm Film, Slides, VHS, and Hi8 cassette tapes.

    If you would like to transfer your memories to DVD call George at (813) 633 ≠ 1326 and all of the profits will be donated to Wheels of Success.

    Running or not donate your car to Wheels of Success
    You receive the greatest tax advantage for your donation because we try not sell your car at auction but present it to a family so you can deduct the fair market value of the vehicle.

    Find Out How to Donate A Car
    Call (813) 995≠5040 to learn more. www.wheelsofsuccess.org
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