• World Health Day focuses on depression awareness, education and cures

    During World Health Day today, theme is curing depression;
    Search natural remedies at NutraWiki to brighten your day

    TAMPA, FL – According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 300 million people worldwide, from many walks of life and all ages, suffer from depression. Part of the challenge of confronting depression is overcoming the perceived social stigma that often accompanies it.
    That’s why the WHO is making depression education and awareness the theme of World Health Day today, April 7.
    The WHO suggests that talking about it with a family member or friend can be a healthy, helpful, positive thing to do. And, did you know that simply adjusting one’s diet can also help alleviate the symptoms of depression? It can, and finding out how is as easy as logging onto NutraWiki.
    NutraWiki (www.nutrawiki.org) is a free, online, nutritional/educational website devoted to eliminating consumer confusion about nutritional supplements. Created by Tampa entrepreneur David Boos as part of his Wisdom of Nature Marketplace, NutraWiki is continually updated by a team of researchers.
    At NutraWiki you will discover that Ylang Ylang Oil, Bacopa Leaf, Butterbur, and many other natural substances can help ease depression and anxiety. Well researched and very informative, the NutraWiki website can be your go-to source for reliable information about much of your diet and all of the supplements you take.
    David noticed that consumers had many questions regarding the products they purchased on his Wisdom of Nature Marketplace website, and felt that an accessible educational site that could provide clear, easy to understand information about nutritional supplements would be a great asset to those seeking answers.
    “It’s all about nutritional education,” declares David, also the creator of the Nutra Trivia! worldwide trivia game. “We want people to really get involved in the natural supplement movement, to really know what’s in their natural health supplements, get educated, and to have a lot of fun at the same time!”
    While you are on NutraWiki, be sure to play Nutra Trivia! And check out the NutraWiki logs for Vervain, Rhizoma Corydalis, cod liver oil, and Lavender. Each one can help ease anxiety and depression. Visiting NutaWiki is fun, free, educational and a great way to chase those blues away during World Health Day.