• Stetson to Cuba

    Participants to Learn About the Cuban Legal System on Scand-America International’s Tampa2Cuba Program


    Tampa Bay, FL – March 30, 2016 – The Tampa Bay Times recently published an advertorial about Scand-America International and its Tampa2Cuba Program in an article featuring an upcoming Stetson University College of Law trip to Cuba to learn about the Cuban legal system. The Tampa2Cuba program escorts groups of scholars, teachers, students, business professionals and those interested in this once off-limit destination.

    This summer, Stetson University College of Law’s trip, led by Darryl Wilson, associate dean for faculty and strategic initiatives, will take interested professionals to learn about Cuba’s legal system and business atmosphere. Lawyers who sign up for this can achieve CLE credits. The group will depart on Wednesday, June 28, returning Sunday, July 2.

    Scand-America president Ivar Fiskaa said “This is a wonderful opportunity to visit a country that is rich in history, full of diverse cultures, and loaded with natural beauty. Plus, so much of Cuba is still untouched by travelers, it makes the mystique of Cuba very appealing.” Fiskaa goes on to say “Cuba is very European compared to most other Caribbean islands. Many people are not aware of just how friendly the people of Cuba are. And they are one of the most educated people in the Caribbean who love to carry on conversations with tourists.”

    Scand-America works closely with organizations offering “People2People” programs that are open to any American citizen. The article points out that Scand-America can tailor trips, customizing the length of stay, sights, etc. to suit anyone’s needs. In addition, to the People2People programs, Scand-America partners with a number of accredited universities to bring professionals in varied occupations to the island to learn about the culture and business atmosphere.

    For more information about the Stetson University College of Law trip, go to www.Stetson.edu/law/conferences/homepages/destination-cle-cuba.php. And for more information about Sand-America and its Tampa2Cuba program, go to www.tampa2cuba.com.


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