• Patzi Gil Celebrates her Radio Show’s 2nd Anniversary by Adding More Than 40 Stations

    Patzi expects to be on more than 100 stations by the end of the year.

    Clearwater, FL—Patzi Gil loves books: big ones, small ones; those with a happy ending, as well as those riddled with mystery, bullets and blood. Little wonder, then, that when she decided to launch a radio show, books would be spotlighted, and that’s how “Joy on Paper” (www.radio-joyonpaper.com) was born.

    It happened this way:

    “I got the idea for the program on a Tuesday morning when I was driving to the hospital at 4 o’clock in the morning,” Patzi explains. “My husband had just had a knee replacement and called me—he was hungry. He didn’t like their graham crackers. Knowing my husband, I had cinnamon rolls ready to go…”

    On the way to the hospital, Patzi heard a radio host interview an author.

    “It was a bad interview,” she said. “I could tell that the host had not read the book. For some reason I just ‘saw’ what became my radio program in my head. I thought—‘Well at least I would have read that guy’s book.’ I would be able to talk intelligently about the book and have fun talking about it.”

    Thus began “A radio program for writers and those who dream of writing—and for everyone who wants to know the story behind the book.”

    But here’s the thing: Except for Hadassah meetings, Patzi had rarely spoken in public; she didn’t even have a website, let alone contact within the broadcasting industry.

    No matter—she moved forward anyway.

    “That morning I set up a webpage and sent a proposal to a local radio station,” Patzi said. “Two days later I met with the owner, and she liked the idea.”

    A week later Patzi’s husband came home from the hospital, and she told him what she was doing. He was shocked, then smiled: “Now I know why we’ve schlepped thousands of books with us around the world,” he said.

    But having lots of books wasn’t much of help; Patzi knew no writers, agents or publishers.

    “Then I remembered that my son had mentioned a writer’s conference in San Francisco,” she said “I looked it up and found out that the keynote speaker was someone named Irene Goodman of the Irene Goodman Literary Agency. I figured that if she was the featured speaker, she must be good.”

    And so, Patzi called Irene Goodman and tabbed her for the first “Joy on Paper” radio show. It went well—so well that Goodman also appeared on her 2nd anniversary program.

    Between those appearances, Patzi filled the air with lively interviews: Mystery writers like Mary Higgins Clark, Carolyn G. Hart, Lawrence Block and Sue Grafton; best-selling authors like Robin Cook, Jojo Moyes, Brad Meltzer and Margaret George; award-winning authors like Deborah Johnson, James Shapiro, David E. Hoffman and C. J. Box—and many, many more.

    Earlier this year, Patzi added a new segment titled “Book Buzz” with Robert K. Tanenbaum, a New York Times bestseller, and author of 30 books, including his signature work, “Echoes of My Soul.”

    And that’s not all that’s new: Patzi recently picked up a national sponsor (MyPillow.com, promo cod: PATZI) and soon her program will be featured on the Starcom Radio Network in more than 40 locations, including stations in California, Texas, Pennsylvania, Maine, Oklahoma, Michigan, Minnesota and Ohio. She expects to be on more than 100 stations by the end of the year.

    For more information about Patzi and her popular radio program, visit www.radio-joyonpaper.com. Listen to “Joy on Paper” Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11 a.m. (EST), on http://www.tantalk1340.com. Patzi archives her shows at http://www.radio-joyonpaper.com/archive.