• Climate Change and Migration Through Art and Dialogue

    The Caravan Stage Company is launching a new show for its 47th season – Nomadic Tempest – a fable created for audiences of all ages that features the mythic saga of a band of Monarch butterflies as a metaphor for refugee migrant characters struggling through their annual pilgrimage. OPEN is hosting an enlightening conversation on March 31 from 6-9pm with the founder of Caravan Stage company, Paul Kirby, on a panel with Dr. David Randle, director of the Patel College of Global Sustainability, to explore the intersection of art and timely topics that the work Nomadic Tempest represents.

    The current political – and in effect social – landscape is rife with concern about racism and environmental destruction. Nomadic Tempest explores these topics in a creative way, perhaps lending a unique perspective and interpretation of dire issues. The OPEN panel explores these themes with a panel of two individuals coming from a vastly different perspective.

    Event is free and open to the public with registration. Registration website is https://www.eventbrite.com/e/climate-change-and-migration-through-art-and-dialogue-an-open-conversation-with-the-creative-team-tickets-33124738986

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