• Retrospective Show by Mirella Cimato

    The works of local artist, Mirella Cimato, are on display at the Gallery@244, located on the second floor of the St. Petersburg College Downtown campus. Her show is up through May 1, 2017.

    The award winning artist was born and raised in Rome, Italy. Her classical studies curriculum allowed her to become acquainted with the various techniques, art styles, and ideologies of creative expression. Her works are inspired by current world news events which she combines with the colors, shapes, and forms found in nature. She utilizes pastel, oil, acrylic, and water color mediums to create her pieces. She encapsulates multifaceted experiences which are reflected in the ethereal quality of her works.

    The current show features a time line of her works from her earlier experiments to more current features. As it is part of an academic venue, she has included examples of various techniques that she has utilized throughout her artistic career. She also maintains the Mirella Cimato Gallery located inside the St. Petersburg Opera Company (2145 1st Avenue South, St. Petersburg).

    Cimato will be discussing her works and techniques in the gallery space on April 19, 2017. The first presentation is 10:00 – 10:45, the second 11 – 11:45. Each will discuss her pieces, the symbolism and techniques used to make them, and will include a question and answer session. The event is free and open to anyone on campus.

    (Attached image: Winter Icicles and Spring Rains by Mirella Cimato; currently on display with the show).