• How Many Wins Does it Take for a Party?

    We don’t want to go down the political road anymore, so let’s talk about another kind of party. How many wins does it take to have an awesome party?I say, more than five and less then ten? Let’s count.

    1) We need a good holiday. Earth Day is the perfect holiday. It’s perfect because we don’t have to worry about being politically correct. A holiday that is non-political and absent of religion, yet celebrated worldwide.

    2) Earth Day lands on April 22 this year. This is also perfect because it happens to be on a Saturday. Saturday evenings are perfect for parties.

    3) Finding the perfect spot is the number three ‘win’. We found the perfect spot to celebrate Earth Day. The location is 5508 N. 50th St. The area used to be a grungy series of dirty storage buildings but now it is a beautiful collaborative space perfect for an Earth Day Bash.

    4) The celebrated Earth Day is going to be catered by Inside the Box Cafe. Inside the Box is a social enterprise of Metropolitan Ministries—a café and catering business with a twist. All proceeds from meals from Inside the Box go directly to feed the hungry in Tampa Bay.

    5) Beverages, including alcohol, will be served to party attendees . Serving from two bars will allow everyone to have their chance to drink their fill.

    6) Local artist will have exhibits featuring unique e-scrap treasures. If you like what you see, you have a chance to buy the masterpieces.

    7) There will be music, dancing and fabulous networking and trivial gossip.

    8) The very best ‘win’ is it’s all FREE, sponsored by Urban E Recycling, consistent to their business model.

    So if you can possibly make it to the fabulous EARTH DAY BASH, April 22, at 5508 N. 50th Street, come join us. Don’t forget to sign up at