• ‘Super Readers’ from Community Day School share love of reading with Children First

    Community Day School student Bianca Grebing (left) reads a book about the constellations to a student at Children First

    SARASOTA, FL – Children in shiny superhero capes with big stars on the back moved among younger children, reading picture books with complete concentration while pointing to the words. The younger children weighed in to identify photos or activities being illustrated, looking at the readers proudly upon receiving confirmation that they were correct.

    It was an adorable and inspirational morning, as kindergarteners from the Hershorin Schiff Community Day School visited with the 3- and 4-year-old children at Children First. The children read books, played and enjoyed a snack together over the course of the morning.

    The event was in celebration of learning milestones achieved in the Community Day School kindergarten classroom. Led by teachers Shonna Brady and Eileen Levin, the students have not just learned about letters, sounds and reading, they’ve learned how important it is to celebrate each new skill as they cycle through their classes. Once they completed a unit in their reading coursework, they celebrated by becoming “Super Readers,” donning capes made especially for the occasion by a doting grandmother.

    “Being in the moment and celebrating life’s little victories is an important part of growing up – our kindergartners did just that this week,” said Brady. “We encourage our parents and caretakers to celebrate their children’s accomplishments, big and small. And we encourage our students – who are really so blessed – to share their gifts with others. They certainly did that today.”

    There is great value to visits to Children First classrooms from community organizations and volunteers of all ages, according to president and CEO Philip Tavill. “Our children love visits from people who came just for them, who are paying undivided attention to them,” he said. “During the visit by Community Day School, our children saw students just a year or two older than them who could read, and who were caring and considerate. This sets a wonderful example for them to model as they learn and grow.”

    Community Day School, which serves students in preschool through eighth grade, prepares students of all faiths to impact the world through academic excellence, global citizenship, and compassionate action. For more information, visit communityday.org or call (941) 552-2770. Children First is Sarasota County’s exclusive provider of Head Start and Early Head Start programs. For more information, go to childrenfirst.net or call (941) 953-3877.