• Environmental protection efforts begin at Harbor Sound

    Aerial view of Harbor Sound

    MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. – Landowners of Harbor Sound, a four-home project on Anna Maria Sound in Manatee County, have begun environmental protection measures on the site.

    Double silt screen barriers and hay bales were installed one year ago to protect the waterway. Recently, landowners have noticed the deterioration of these barriers, which may have been caused by weather or human interaction by visitors to the site. Landowners have decided to build a protection berm to prevent future deterioration and bolster these efforts.

    The property protection berm will be constructed to deter future erosion to the site or the uplands and to protect against rain and storm water sedimentation into wetland areas.

    The berm will be placed on a durable construction textile, such as Mirafi paper, and sit on the sandy soil. The resulting effect will be limestone stacked in a regular pattern, which will become a habitat for crabs, shellfish and other marine life. All activities taking place are allowed and legal under the permit currently held by the landowners.

    Benefits of these voluntary protection measures will be seen as soil safety from sedimentation, clear limitation of the boundaries, creation of habitat for marine life and the preservation of the Army Corps of Engineers jurisdictional boundary.

    After the protection is installed in March 2017, the landowners will move forward with the Harbor Sound subdivision on the area east of the property protection berm. This may occur in late spring 2017. For more information, visit