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    • January 20, 2017 in Services

    Free Workshop – January 25!


    Create an Achievement-Based Resume

    (and Get More Interviews)


    Wednesday, January 25, 2017

    10:00 am to 12:00 pm

    Career Source Tampa Bay

     4902 Eisenhower Boulevard, Suite 250 (Board Room),

     Tampa, Florida 33634


    You will learn how to create a compelling, achievement-based resume that gets you more interviews. We’ll all work together to identify and write each part of your resume so it really grabs the attention of HR staff, hiring managers, and recruiters so you’re getting more calls for interviews than you ever did before.


    * Use a readable font/font size (e.g. Arial 12) to reviewers can easily read your resume

    * If you have to reduce the Arial font size below 12 (to 11 or 10) to fit your resume in 2 pages, the Arial font is still very readable at these lower point sizes.

    * Make your left/right margins big enough for reviewers to take notes.

    * Make your top/bottom margins small enough so you have the maximum amount of space for your resume text.

    * Create your Contact Information section.

    * Full name, city, state, cell phone #, email address, position title, position title, and LinkedIn Profile address.

    * Identify your major achievements (measurable achievements, 2 line compelling testimonial, or an award)

    * Identify 2 achievements to include under each of your selling points.

    * Identify your major achievements (either measurable achievements, line compelling testimonial, or an award and no more than 2 lines long)

    * You need them for your Professional Summary section and one for each job in your Work Experience section.

    * These achievements provide proof of the benefit/value you produced for your previous employers.

    * Here are 3 examples:

    * Completed Calls 20% Faster by listening to the customer, paraphrasing what I heard back to the customer to ensure I understood their problem, and then providing a quick, concise answer.

    * Reduced Staff Call Time 15% by training them on my technique for answering calls faster.

    * Increased Client Retention 25% by constantly caring for customers and addressing their problems or questions quickly and painlessly.

    * Write a powerful 5 – 7 word Branding Statement to put under your Contact Information.

    * Identify your top 3 selling points and then create a short, marketing label for each.

    * For example, a customer service person might have:

    * Completed Calls 20% Faster

    * Reduced Staff Call Time 15%

    * Increased Client Retention 25%

    * Selling Points should be strategic vs. operational (e.g. high level, major points).

    * Under each Selling Point, include 2 bullet points covering the following:

    * A brief description of your major duties and responsivities.

    * A major achievement that directly relates to the Selling Point.

    * Create a Professional Summary section with your 3 Selling Point Labels in it and 2-3 related achievement for the list you developed above)

    * The Professional Summary should address the top 4 strategic points from the job description and end with a major achievement that strongly relates to the job you’re seeking.

    * It should sell you to the HR staff, hiring managers, and recruiters so they want to interview you

    * Create a list of your Core Strengths in a 5 row x 3 column table with no borders.

    * These are the important skills and requirements from the job description.

    * Create your Work Experience section

    * List 5-6, 2 line bullet points for each job you’ve had in the past 10-15 years. 

    * Each bullet point should describe the major tasks your performed and any major achievements.

    * Be sure to include the scope of your work (e.g. managed 15 employees).

    * Develop your Volunteer & Community Service section (optional)

    * Employers look favorably on people who have done volunteer work.

    * Create your Education & Professional Development section.

    * Make sure your resume is loaded with keywords that are the skills/requirements from the job description so your resume shows up high in search results.

    * Add a Page Footer to each page containing your name and the page number.

    * Use Word’s Spell Checker to spell check your resume and them have someone else manually spell check it.

    * Make sure your resume is loaded with Keywords (skills and requirements from the job description.

    * Use www.jobscan.co to identify the keywords in the job description and find out how many of them exist in your resume.

    * Apply for jobs onliine through job boards or employer’s website

    * This is a requirement for most companies and they often won’t talk to you until they’ve done this.

    * Mail or hand deliver your resume and cover letter to the hiring manager

    * Ensures the hiring manager gets your resume and gives you a great chance that he’ll read it.

    * This can put you on the top of the prospects the hiring manager is considering.

    If you have any questions, please contact Larry LaBelle at larrylabelle@trainingtamer.com.