• WUSF Public Media Collects 7 Florida Associated Press Broadcasters Awards

    WUSF Public Media

     TAMPA, Fla. (April 16, 2015) – WUSF Public Media was recently honored with seven prestigious Florida Associated Press Broadcasters Awards for 2014 at the Annual Awards Banquet in Orlando Saturday evening.  First place awards were presented to WUSF for Best Continuing Coverage, Best Sports Feature, Best Use of Sound for Radio, Best Hard News Feature and Finalist Awards for Best Web Site, Best Light Feature and Best Continuing Coverage.


    Mark Schreiner, producer and reporter for WUSF’s “University Beat,” took home the impressive First-Place Award for Best Continuing Coverage, for his wealth of stories on the USF Dozier Investigation. This is a compilation of his coverage of the USF investigation into the Dozier Reform School for Boys and the unmarked graveyard on the school’s grounds.


    WUSF Public Media’s Health News Florida staff was awarded with the Finalist Award for Best Web Site in the entire state. The team at Health News Florida includes Mary Shedden, Lottie Watts and Carol Gentry and intern, Megan Milanese.


    Bobbie O’Brien, longtime WUSF reporter, garnered three First-Place Awards: Best Sports Feature: Sports Fans: This Weekend Tampa Hosts an International Quad Rugby Tournament; Best Use of Sound for Radio: Sports Fans: This Weekend Tampa Hosts an International Quad Rugby Tournament; and Best Hard News Feature: Army Ranger Cory Remsburg ‘Leads the Way’


    O’Brien also received two Finalist Awards for Best Light Feature: A New Documentary Traces the Teen Stories in ‘Project: Shattered Silence’; and Best Continuing Coverage: VA Scandal  –  a compilation of several stories covering the VA scandal over delayed veterans’ health care and benefits claims as it unfolded nationally and in Florida.


    WUSF Public Media is a comprehensive media organization that provides media services to the community and businesses through public broadcasting and multi-media production services. Licensed to the University of South Florida, WUSF Public Media has been serving the public interest through programming, educational outreach and community partnerships for 50 years. For more information, visit www.wusf.org.