• Absolute Mobile Solutions’ Alfred Goldberg Provides Advice to Emerging Entrepreneurs at the 2015 Hillsborough County Startup Quest Program

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    Goldberg draws on business experiences to teach students about the importance of understanding your value proposition

    TAMPA, FL. (February 16, 2015) – Absolute Mobile Solutions president Alfred Goldberg will share his experience and expertise as a guest speaker for the 2015 Hillsborough County Startup Quest Program on Monday, March 2 at the Centre Club in Tampa, FL. Startup Quest is a 10-week entrepreneurship training program that connects teams of emerging entrepreneurs with successful business owners to learn the steps needed to transform inventions and cutting edge technology, provided by partner companies and universities, into a product for the marketplace. The March 2 program will focus on “Understanding Your Value Proposition”.

    Goldberg will discuss his experience as an entrepreneur and the challenges and missteps he faced when trying to correctly identify Absolute’s value proposition. He will give life lessons accumulated over years in the mobile app development industry as well as provide advice to help students avoid certain bumps in the road.

    “Whether you are opening a bed and breakfast or designing the latest high-tech gizmos, understanding your value proposition and your unique selling proposition is vital to success. In order to price your products and services correctly, you must know the value that consumers place on them,” said Goldberg.

    “The great thing about having business leaders like Alfred speak to our participants is that they are able to see and hear actual stories that they can in turn apply to their own enterprises. Theory is great, but the combination of theory and real-life experience leads to ultimate success,” said Walter McCracken, Startup Quest Training Facilitator.

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