• Area Foreclosure Defense Lawyers Align to Defeat HB 0087

    Local attorneys Matt Weidner, Charles Gallagher and Mark Stopa have aligned to defeat HB 0087, a very harmful bill designed to limit the rights of Florida homeowners. They have formed Florida Consumer Justice Advocates to lobby against House Bill 0087. The group will soon launch its website which will inform consumers of the perils of the dangerous bill and direct them how to contact their representatives.

    HB 0087, sponsored by Representative Kathleen Passidomo, deals with mortgage foreclosure litigation and seeks to alter longstanding Florida jurisprudence. The bill will fast track foreclosure litigation, remove due process safeguards for homeowners and restrict access to the courts. It removes existing impediments to lenders and otherwise disposes of homeowners legal rights.

    “If passed, this bill would further handicap homeowners from defending their foreclosure and provide banks with no impediment the quick tacking of homes” said Attorney Charles Gallagher, a member of Florida Consumer Justice Advocates.

    Other law firms and attorneys that have joined the fight are: Parker & Dufresne, Oppenheim Law, Forrest Law Firm, Ice Legal, Law Offices of Darin Lentner, Lynn Drysdale and Alice Vickers.